It’s a dull Friday morning in the hills skirting the edge of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The busy rush hour traffic of commuters creates a din as people rush to work, eager to clock out for the weekend. For them what will the weekend bring? Perhaps a catch up with some old friends, a sporting activity or some time spent with the family.

For me, the weekend, well, Friday evening in particular will bring to fruition years of work, knocking on doors, working late into the “wee small hours” when others are out throwing caution to the wind. I’ve sacrificed those catch ups with friends, family time, and a lot of other personal stuff to double down on the DJ game. Why? To be the best I can be. Over the last number of years I’ve DJ’d country music across the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. But tonight, I’ll be 20 minutes from home, in my capital city.

Tonight marks my third time out DJ’ing under the Farmers Bash banner. but also on that banner tonight is Belsonic; an outdoor festival in the heart of the city which has given the Farmers Bash (and me) the biggest platform we have had yet.

At 5:30pm the gates will open to the biggest Farmers Bash event to date. Sold out at 22,000 tickets I will step onto a stage to a view that never in my life will I have witnessed until now. I’m used to big crowds having performed at ‘The Bash’ in Belfast’s SSE Arena back in 2022 but I truly believe when I climb the stairs and step out on to that stage, it’ll be a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

As I step up to the decks and hit play on the biggest gig of my life, will I be nervous? Apprehensive? Excited? It’ll be a mixture of emotion I can say for sure (I’m shaking now at the thought of it) but one thing all 22,001 of us have in common, and it’s that love of Country Music.

When I do manage to hit play on my first track, I’m not playing to a crowd of strangers, it’s one big country family, and we’re there to experience the music that we’re all ever so passionate about. I have a feeling, I’ll feel at home, content with the company I’ll be keeping, and I hope I can connect with those guys out there who came for a good time and good music.

It’s taken years to get here but again it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye, but I’ll have that memory, of what I achieved that night, wondering what will come next in this Country Music DJ Journey, which as I say is just years in the making, but I feel, I’m just getting started.


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